Ancient Black Court of Vampire


Semira has spoken with Dorian Grey multiple times. While it is unclear what her motives are, it was discovered from Father Abatangelo that she is an ancient Black Court vampire and an extremely powerful spell caster.


During Night Shift
Semira first approached Dorian outside of the hospital downtown after the fight with the Red Court had finished. She veiled both Dorian and herself from sight and appeared to be using a glamour as well. She informed Dorian about the trap Diego was setting and gave him a bit of info about the Baron’s plans as well. Later she was seen at the masquerade where Dorian had a short conversation with her. Through her wording it became clear to Dorian she knew that the Avaritia speaking to Diego was actually someone else shapeshifted into her. She vanished when the fighting broke out only to finally appear again managing to steal the ethereal form of the Rakshasi Kumani into some sort of urn just as Dorian was finishing his attempt to banish it.


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