Rakshasi Demon Queen


Kumani is a Rakshasi Demon Queen and the wife of the Rakshasa Demon King known as Subahu. It seems at some point both she and her King were sealed into two items which were later found by Lois Jäger and Lucas Jäger respectively. She was in the process of being banished when a mysterious woman appeared with some sort of urn that appeared to suck up the demon’s ethereal form. Kumani’s current whereabouts are unknown.


During Night Shift
Bound to the human Lois Jäger, Kumani was apparently manipulating the Red Court Baron Diego Álvarez into helping her set a trap for Dorian Grey and Lucas Jäger. It’s highly likely that Kumani planned to perform a ritual, using Dorian as a sacrifice, to return Subahu to Lucas’ body. Context clues seemed to indicate she had promised Subahu’s power to Diego, but never intended to follow through with that plan. She was eventually defeated by a band of supernatural denizens of Jacksonville. Dorian attempted to banish Kumani to Naraka with Subahu, but at the last moment her ethereal form was stolen away into an urn by a mysterious woman who fled into the Nevernever.


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