Helga Lois Jäger

Headstrong Monster Hunter


Helga Lois Jäger is one of the more fearsome members of the Jäger family. She has a tenancy to attempt hunting down and killing the more dangerous supernatural beings, and she always does so alone. Due to this she is both respected and somewhat estranged from the rest of her family.


During Night Shift
Sometime prior to arriving at Lucas’ apartment Lois put on a garter belt she found while rummaging through one of her family’s safe houses. Over time she became to be possessed by a Rakshasi by the name of Kumani. The demon fooled Lois into believing she was being chased by some kind of monster to force her into contacting her nephew Lucas. The demon took control of her body several more times before finally taking complete control. Eventually Kumani was defeated, and Lois was restored to her usual self minus quite a bit of memories. When questioned by Lucas she couldn’t remember much of anything, including where the safe house was she found the mysterious item in. She also provided Lucas with the few details she knew about Hans Jäger, a hunter who apparently went crazy and began hunting down other members of the family. Lois said her good byes and set off for a much needed vacation.

Helga Lois Jäger

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