Graham Lockhart

Were-Falcon Scout of Collatio


Graham is a were-falcon and a member of the were-form group Collatio. He is the fraternal twin of Samantha Lockhart. He, along with Sam, scout out the city of Jacksonville looking for other were-forms that they can potentially recruit to join their group.


During Night Shift
Graham, along with his sister Samantha, recruited Athena and, by association, Lucas J├Ąger into the were-form group known as Collatio (Lucas disguised himself as a were-wolf named Sam.). Eventually Graham helps keep an eye out for Lucas and Curtis when they go ghoul hunting and even prevents The Hyena from fleeing briefly while the mercenary is finished off. Graham helped in the fight at Diego’s masquerade and though he had a close call against the Baron himself he managed to escape relatively unscathed. During the same battle, in a rather gruesome act, the were-falcon gauged out the eyes of the Rakshasi Kumani. After the fighting ended Graham left with the rest of Collatio to get help for their injured members.

Graham Lockhart

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