Curtis Schutz

Were-Gator School Teacher


Curtis is a were-gator, high school teacher, and the somewhat leader of the misfit band of were-forms in Jacksonville dubbed Collatio. He, along with the rest of the group, led a pretty normal life until members started turning up dead. Now Curtis and several other were-forms have taken to ensuring the streets are safe from Red Court vampires and ghouls. He’s developed a deep hatred for both of their kind and is prone to acting without thinking when they are concerned.


During Night Shift
Curtis is first introduced to Lucas and Athena by two recruiters for Collatio. At first he speaks strongly about the group keeping in touch and laying low, but once his wife was viciously attacked his cool rationale turned to a burning desire for vengeance. Curtis began hunting down ghouls with the help of Lucas, while disguised as the were-wolf Sam. Eventually Curtis would lead several Collatio members to Diego’s ballroom where they would all play a key role in eliminating a large number of Red Court vampires.

During City Fall

Curtis Schutz

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